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Issue sharing Marked up pdf's

Don Beam

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I am using the current Nitro Pro.

I want to Markup a document with Nitro Pro and then forward to another person who will read this document, but I cannot tell if they use Nitro Pro or not .. usually they use Adobe Reader.

I am marking up the document (using add note) and forwarding to them .. but all they see is highlighted areas  and a yellow box indicating that there is something there (yes my comments).. but it is not being displayed or printed ..


If I use add a note .. then the note prints but if it is off the page, you loose it ...


What tools should I use to properly markup a document and be able to print/display the markups so that others see them




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Steven Zakulec

I think you're doing all the right things.  To make sure comments print with the document, you may want to use Summarize Comments on the Review tab.  This integrates the comments into the side margin of your document for printing.

What version of Nitro are you using?

When I last tested Nitro, comments I made in Nitro were visible in Adobe Reader XI, and Adobe Reader DC.  I could see the comments, highlights, strike-throughs, call-outs, and any other markup I made in Nitro.

I just retested with Nitro (the latest version), and all of the commenting tools I used in Nitro show up just fine in Adobe Reader DC on screen.

I haven't tested printing any of documents though.

Would like to help you get to the bottom of this.

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