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reinstall Nitro Pro 11 after Windows reinstall


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Nitro Pro 11 is working fine but my computer is having other issues and I will have to re-install Windows 10.  This means that I will likely have to re-install Nitro Pro again on the same computer.  Will I be able to re-activate it once I reinstall Windows?

Thanks for your help.

PS. Also, when I try to submit a support ticket, the submit wheel spins and no ticket looks to ever be submitted.

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Steven Zakulec

You can absolutely reinstall after your Windows 10 reinstall.  To make the process go smoothly, make sure you do two things before you start the Windows 10 reinstall: Get your Nitro 11 key, and uninstall Nitro 11 while you are connected to the Internet.

You can easily find your Nitro 11 key by opening Nitro 11, clicking the Help tab, then the About Nitro Pro button.  The line of text that says Serial: and has a long number is the one you want.

Afterwards, grab a fresh installer from here: https://www.gonitro.com/product/downloads#productUpdates and reinstall Nitro 11.  If you uninstalled while connected to the Internet, Nitro automatically deactivated itself, and the install & activation should not be a problem.

Hope that helps!

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