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Need to Deactivate but do not have laptop it's installed


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Is there a solution within your website to simply deactivate?  I need to get NitroPDF going on a new laptop but boss forgot to deactivate on his old laptop and no longer has his old laptop.  I did submit a case btw, but reading through the forum is less than encouraging on response time.  Seems there should be a quick fix for this common oversight by the user.  Appreciate any timely help!

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Steven Zakulec

If you don't have access to the laptop, there's no way I'm aware of for you to deactivate without contacting support- there's some other methods to deactivate, but they require you to have kept info you'd never know to keep unless you were planning for this.

If you can get someone to connect that laptop to the internet, and then uninstall Nitro, that's the simplest way.

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