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Edit Font for Manage Watermarks & Backgrounds


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I'd like to ask you all Watermarks font. 

Firstly , I click draft under Draft water mark then click edit,  Font type have both Standard and System then we can select style.

Is it possible to add a new font and delete some font if I don't need them?

I would appreciate your support and assistance.


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Steven Zakulec

I don't think you can change the Standard set because I believe those are built-in to Nitro.  The System ones you can absolutely change- those are the fonts available in Windows.  Use the normal Windows process to add or remove fonts, and then Nitro will pick up the changes- you may or may not need to close Nitro for the changes to be reflected.


Hope that helps- if not, let me know what didn't work.

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Thank you! You're correct ! I found that System is on C:\Windows\Fonts\.
Any fonts installed into (or removed from) that Windows director.

Standard can't change.

Thanks again!

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