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Nitro abilities

Kam Mistry

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We currently use Nitro 9.

I work for Allied Fit.

I am seeking to know software capabilities.  Either with Nitro 9 or with upgrade or with any other product you might offer.

We realize that your product might not meet all of these targets below, but we are still interested in exploring the possibilities.


We are an oil and gas company seeking to automate pdf conversion into excel.

We are hoping for a solution that we can integrate into a nightly process whereby either

1) an api will be used to invoke the conversion

2) command line invocation will be used to invoke the conversion (this would be preferred)


Other factors include:

1) Speed (How many pages per minute can it convert)?

2) Accuracy (We will test this)

3) Does the software convert .pdf to excel that is image-based and not textual (and if so, is it accurate)?

4) Do you provide support with the product (purchased or otherwise)


To what extent can your company meet our desires?




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