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Install and activate Nitro PRO on server, use app on clients over network share.

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We would like to make the installation of application in such a way that the Nitro Pro application will be installed on the server in a shared folder. Nitro PRO license will be activated on server. On a client computers, we will add shortcut to the NitroPDF.exe from the shared folder that is on the server. Is that kind of installation even possible? No installation on client computer, we just add shortcut from server shared folder?


I reviewed PDF document "Nitro Deployment Guide". As far as I understand, the installation is only possible in a way that through utility called "Nitro Pro Deployment Utility" or "Orca" we prepare an installation msi package, which we can distribute through Microsoft Group Policy for example?


Thank you for all your informations.


Best regards,


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Steven Zakulec

I do believe this is possible, but it requires a special license & build- the sales team or your account rep should be able to help you out with this.  Pages 12 & 13 of the Nitro Deployment Guide describe something similar to what you want to do (unless I am not understanding you correctly).

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