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Re-Activation of older product


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I have an Acer laptop I bought in '08. I just upgraded to Windows 7 from the original Vista. When I tried to install and activate Nitro, it gives me an error stating the software was for a different computer. Same old laptop, but a new operating system is all that is going on here. 


Thanks for any help.

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It is now telling me the same error message." Licensed on a different computer". When I try your link, it tells me: Sorry. You may only deactivate 0 device.

Number of activations: 0

Number of activations allowed: 2


I just don't get it. 

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  • Official Nitronaut
Kelvin B. Villarin

Hi @Jaxn,

Thanks for posting on our community forums and raising a ticket. 

I'm glad that you guys were able to sort it out (by doing a fresh install and reactivating). 

Have a good one.

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