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how to reset setting in create pdf from OCR to normal in nitro 10


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i was  makeing copy  of a  form i need to  send and i  really mess up my  setting  in home/create/PDF/from scanner--- in my  error  i click all  box make  searchable  and   OCR,  now i wish i did not  as  some   box in my  scan are all mess up-

i use to  get a  dialog  box  when i  open  create/pdf/from   scanner, in mode good  quality or high quality, now i do not  as i click on  box i did not know what i was  doing- now i wish to  change that  back-  but i have a problem finding the way to do that- i like to have the  dialog  box  back when i  scan

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Hello @dirtfarmer,

Thank you for posting on our Community Forums!

You can reset all preferences back to default by going to File >> Preferences.




Then click on "Reset to Defaults"


I hope that helps!

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