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Quicksign signature resize


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Hi, I recently updated my Nitro to from an older version (I think it was 9 or 8).  I have set up a quicksign signature using a file (jpg) my issue is when i inset the signature it will not let me resize and move it.  In the other version I could resize, move and then click 'apply' to lock the signature in.  

Any thoughts why I cannot resize and move - based on the help menus it seems like I should be able to.

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Kelvin B. Villarin

HI @Isaac,

Thanks for posting on our community forums!

The ability to resize, move/rotate signatures has not been lost.

1. Apply your signature via QuickSign
2. Click the Edit tool
3. Click the edge of signature frame to resize the signature -OR- Click on signature to grab and move it -OR- press and hold the rotate icon to rotate 

I hope this helps. 


Edited by Leslie V.
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Thanks Kelvin, this worked!  How can i make it such that it can't be edited again?

If I place the signature and want to make it such that it can not be edited again by another user can I do that? 



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