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print 2 portrait pages on 1 landscape sheet

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I have been using Nitro Professional for  a while, and have been liking it, more or less.

Until recently, when my daughte who is a student came to my office asking me to print out a bunch of study materials. In order to spare paper we wanted to print 2 portrait pages on 1 landscape page. The joke is, that when you select user-defined and then 2 pages per sheet, the icon suggests that it will come out just as we needed. But unfortunately we got the 2 portrait pages on 1 portrait sheet, one under the other, thus having a lot of blank on the page, the text being too small for me, to read it. Fortunately my daughter still has sharp eyesight, so we didn't have to throw away this stack of papers.

Then  I tried specifying 2 columns by 1 row, instead of the default 1 columns by 2 rows settings. This resulted in the 2 portrait pages being printed out side by side on 1 portrait page - stupid.

We ended up printing each page on a separate sheet, and me being angry enough to post this here. How can such a reasonable task be so difficult to achieve, or even impossible.

Not to mention, that as we have a duplex printer, we wanted to print both sides of the paper, which was not offered as an option either.

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