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Reset all defaults of program or text box insertion.


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Hello all. 

Want to thanks your in advance for your help. 

A bit put off, normally a search finds what I want. BUT in this case every hit comes up with several instructions and NONE seem to work or can be found. 

Should be a simple fix and in hind sight  sure it will be, right now I'm highly frustrated not being able to resolve this on my own. 

Was adding text box's to a pdf, did dozens with no issue. All at once 11 pro decided that the text boxes are to be yellow as in not transparent when I add one. 

The Box starts in yellow and for the life of me can not get it to revert. I tried copying a text box from another pdf but can't past it to then manipulate that box avoiding needing to insert a new YELLOW box. 

I have done many search's on how to default text box's to no avail, Defaulting the program back to it's original state which would be just fine.  

Part of my frustration is I need to get this done NOW of course, 


Thanks again, happy holidays. 

Looking forward to feeling silly I hope shortly. LOL.. 

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Alex Edwardes

Hi @Indy,

When editing the text within a 'Text Box', the ribbon defaults you to the 'Format' tab.
If you click back on to the 'Review' tab, and select the 'Text Box' function again (even though it already appears to be selected), you will then be able to adjust the properties of the box itself (rather than the text within it). In the attached screenshot, you can see that I can adjust the color used in the box from the Text Box Properties.

I hope that helps!

Happy holidays,

Text Box.jpg

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