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Michael Wrinch

Nitro Pro 11 and 10 are very slow to load in windows 10

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Michael Wrinch

I have no idea what has happened but since some windows updates or something nitro pro 10 and 11 are both very slow to load on my windows 10 machine. I don't see any resolution to this topic except a few who have the same our company does. Anyone have any ideas on how to improve the performance ? Nitro 10 or nitro 11  both exhibit the same behavior..  We are using nitro for the whole office and are thinking of abandoning it for something that is workable.

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Alex E.

Hi @Michael Wrinch,

I can confirm that recent Windows updates have caused issues with Nitro. The problem was reported and a fix has been developed. It is currently still in the testing phase, and (assuming all goes well) is due for release in late January.

Happy holidays!

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