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Prevent Welcome screen and default PDF


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I'm attempting to install Nitro PDF in our virtual desktop environment. Because of the nature of this environment, some settings are not retained after the user logs off, so I've been trying to either establish default settings or preserve those are set to my liking. Specifically, I'm trying to prevent Nitro from asking if it wants to be the default PDF application and attempting to prevent the "welcome" screen from displaying.

I've found the two registry keys which seem to control these options (kLCShowAtStartup and kPrefGeneralMsgIfNotDefaultPDFViewer), but they only seem to be effective if they are changed in the user's HKU registry hive (instead of the HKCU).   I haven't found a way in this environment to preserve/restore those settings. 

Is there a way to set these specific registry keys ahead of time so that any user who logs in will have these options disabled by default? Thank you.

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Steven Zakulec

Normally you handle this by using the Nitro Deployment tool to set all the options you want, and then have the tool create a patch for the installer containing your changes.  If you can't use this for some reason, the kPrefGeneralMSg key is also in HKLM, so you could set it there (I don't see the other one but you could always try putting it in and seeing if that works).

There's also special virtual environment installers available- ask your business contact or the support team about those.

Hopefully this helps.

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