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Nitro Pro freezes\hangs when opening


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I have 3 windows 10 Pro computers, "1" and "2" have had nitro installed for about a year and "3" that is a brand new windows 10. All windows 10 pro are on fall creators 1709. Nitro Pro version

On computer "1" nitro is fast and perfect.

On computer "2" nitro freezes and hangs during start up, either by directly opening a pdf or opening the program by itself, further when changing between tabs on the tool bar each click freezes for the first time. Switching between tabs that I already clicked is normal and has no issues, and once the program is running its all fine.  I uninstalled nitro and reinstalled and same issue. I even used the same exe from computer "1" in case that was somehow going to not auto update anyway...

On computer "3" which was a brand new build a few weeks ago, the same issue as "2" is happening, all the same freezes and hangs.

All of these computers have more than 16GB of ram and i5 or i7's and plenty of space on their SSD's. Does anyone have any idea what to try. 

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Allain Umailin

Hello @zethan,

Thank you for reaching out to us through our Community Forums!

Any idea what differs computer 1 from the others aside from what you have mentioned? 

Have you tried running Troubleshooting Compatibility on computer 2 and 3? Is UAC (User Account Control) enabled on all computers?


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