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Using division in forms.



I would really like to see division added to the calculations allowed in forms. It would seem that the coding to allow this must be in Nitro Pro since it does do averages which, of course, requires division by the number of items being averaged. I'd even be happy if I could locate the code or someone who has already confronted this problem. So far Google hasn't helped.

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I do division this way, in the form that i use I have 2 fields one called "ounces" and one called "pounds" and I put this in the custom calculation script box.

1// Obtain the value from the first field
2 var v1 = getField("Ounces").value;
3 // Obtain the value from the second field
4 var v2 = getField("Pounds").value;
5 // Set this field value equal to the difference
6 event.value = v1 / v2;

it pulls the value out of the ounces field "v1" and then the value from the pounds field "v2" and then divides them and returns the result.

Hope that helps,


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I am almost embarrassed to admit I found out how to do it and it was so simple I thought about turning in my IQ and asking for a new one. Thanks for your help.

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