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Inputting info into fields


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Hello -

I am inputting info into fields on a form and the info automatically copied into all fields. I can't not reverse whatever happened. How do I input info into forms and prevent it from being copied in each and every field. Even if I save document, the info is copied in all fields.  


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Alex Edwardes

Hi @BCLive,

I suspect that all the form fields have been copied from the original one. If this is the case, all the fields will have the same 'field name'.
When a field has the same name as another field, any information entered into it will be duplicated.
For example, if you have a date field at the top of every page in a form, and they all have the same 'field name', you only have to enter the date once, and it is duplicated to the other pages.

You can check the field names via the 'Forms' tab > 'Select Fields' > right-click the field in question > 'Properties' > 'General'.

When making copies of fields, rather than copying and pasting the fields, we recommend the use of the 'Make Copies' function.
This is available from the 'Properties' tab that appears when editing a field, as shown in the attached screenshot.

Make Copies.jpg

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