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Highlight feature Does not always work Nitro Pro 11


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In Nitro Pro 11: When I print a statement from an Online source it pops up with the Edit Scanned Documents prompt.  I select this (Use OCR),  It gives me the message Document Now Editable.  I accept. "OK Thanks".  When I select HIghlight in the Review Section under Markup and try to highlight some text it will not work.   I have other documents I scanned in that do allow me to highlight.   I have tried to use the OCR in the Document area on the tool bar and "Make Seachable"  and also "Make Seachable and Editable"    I still can not highlight.  It also will not allow me to Cross out, Under line.  I am able to insert a text box.  I am on Nitro Pro  


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Steven Zakulec

Normally, there's only two reasons you can't highlight (or crossout, etc):

The thing is not OCR'd, and so there's nothing to select

The security permissions do not allow it

If you upgrade to the latest version of Nitro 11 (, it may fix this issue because there have been changes and improvements to OCR in several updates since the one you are on.

If you'd like to try that, here's the download link: https://www.gonitro.com/product/downloads


If you can't upgrade for any reason, you can always use the long way:

Use the shape tool to imitate whatever you are trying to do:

For highlight, draw a box around the text, make the box invisible, and fill it with a color and set a transparency level that looks good to you

For strikeout and underline, use the line shape on the text you want, and set it to an appropriate color

Save the document then.

Good luck, and tell me if this helped.

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