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Field Auto Populate or Autofill



I have used this feature in Acrobat and seen it in use with Foxit PDF Pro.... can toggle on form field autopopulate or auto complete or autofill.... all the same thing.  For instance fill in the form one time and say one field asks for color and you type "blue".  The next time that same field is open you type "red".  The next time that same field is open you type just "b" and it will popup and allow selection of "blue".... It is similar to a dropdown list box, but is dynamic in that the list is created and added to everytime the field is open. 

With Acrobat the feature can be turned on initially, the list is created, and then it can be set so that the list appears but new entries are no longer added to that field's list.  Also very important that the feature be specific to a field and not to the entire form.  For example I would not want the client name to autopopulate but would want the manufacturer to autopopulate ( Timex, Bulova, Fossil, Citizen etc)

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Steven Zakulec

I'm not entirely sure if form autocomplete is there or not, but the somewhat related form fill is available.  You can export the data from a form to a file, and then import it back in to re-fill the fields with that information.  Here's the article on this: http://guide.gonitro.com/articles/import-and-export-form-data/

I agree that form field autocomplete the way you described would be a great addition.

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