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Revit "File" options disabled for Nitro PDF Creator (and super slow for some sheets)


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I installed Nitro PDF Reader (https://www.gonitro.com/pdf-reader) last Friday as a workaround for Revit's slow & big PDF bug (for crop regions w/ diagonal sketch lines, see Custom crop region causes super slow and large PDF's and DWF's and Large PDF files when printing to PDF from Revit in certain views/sheets). I'd only been PDFing a single sheet as a test, but it worked GREAT! Much smaller file size (actually "normal" size, but much smaller than the bug's size) and very fast (again, actually a "normal" speed). FYI, I tested the same sheet using a colleague's Bluebeam, and it got a slightly smaller file size, but took MUCH longer (even longer than the "bug" time).

However, this morning I was trying to make a full set and discovered that the "Combine multiple..." option is disabled (apparently this forum doesn't support attaching screenshots, otherwise I'd upload one), which forces me to either make individual PDFs (and combine them later) or manually rename each file (to get the "append" option - which is pretty cool, BTW - I don't usually see that option in PDF printers). However, creating individual PDFs not only kills Revit's linked views, it requires hundreds of extra clicks - definitely not ideal. Imagine PDFing a Word document and winding up with a separate PDF for each page...

Also, when trying to print from a different model (a smaller/simpler building with "normal" crop regions) it takes a RIDICULOUS amount of time (I wound up having to cancel, and now trying again it's hung so bad that it won't let me cancel...)! I just installed it on an older machine, and it's much faster... go figure.

Also, on my new CPU (the first install) it doesn't recognize the previous paper size of "A1 841x594 (33.1x23.4)" (I have to manually find "A1" in the long list of un-alphabetized sizes), but on the old CPU it keeps the previous size without issue.

I just downloaded the pro trial (to see if it made a difference) and while it DOES enable "Combine..." the resulting PDF has no view links! (as if it's just combining individual PDFs in the background).

I'm always looking for alternatives to the "big two", especially since my PDF editing needs are minimal (combining, rearranging, deleting), and the price for pro is decent, but the performance of the PDF Creator isn't consistent (and that's the main reason why I downloaded Nitro in the first place). It looks like I'm going to have to just use the other workaround of making a "stepped" replacement for the diagonal crop lines... but at least I won't have to install any other software on the other guys' machines. :)

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