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Eligibility Issue--Cannot Upgrade


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I just purchased a license for Nitro Pro 10 on eBay. The product works, but I'd like to upgrade to 11.

When I entered my serial number I received a message that there's an eligibility issue.

My serial number has letters and numbers--apparently v. 10 should have only numbers.

Not sure this is the reason for the eligibility issue, but either way, I'm stumped.

Any thoughts?

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Mario Kevesic

@MichaelT If you purchased Nitro Pro 10 on eBay and its serial number has letters and numbers, you've purchased a fraudulent license. Please report the seller to eBay and request a refund so you can purchase it from our site. 

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Thanks for the quick response. I knew it was too good to be true, given the low price I paid. But here's the thing--the program works. The serial code I entered for my copy of Pro 10 was accepted and all of the program's features seem to work.

Nonetheless, I will report the vendor. I don't believe in piracy or fraud, even when I'm the beneficiary.

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