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Tick or Cross function for forms


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Is there a simple way to place a simple tick or cross onto the PDF to tick or mark check boxes?

The only way I have found is to copy a tick symbol from somewhere and try to paste it into each box which is time consuming.

The free acrobat reader has this function under the fill and sign tab. Is this something Nitro Pro simply doesn't have? That would be odd since I use it all the time.

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Ok I think I found a kind of workaround but not perfect.

Copy an image of a tick from somewhere (eg Google pictures)

Go to 'stamps' or add it as a favourite tool so you can access it.

Select create new stamp.

Under content select 'image or file' and browse to the tick image.

Re-size the image so it is very small. I made mine 0.14 inch but adjust as necessary by editing the stamp.

The stamp is not transparent like signatures are. I guess you could muck around to add a tick image as signature at the right size as well.

I would be better if a simple tick or cross was available as a pre made stamp.

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I've just found a better way.  

1.  Click on the "Type Text" Button (under the "Home" ribbon)

2.  Click in your document where you want the tick to go

3. Go to the top let of screen - you will be able to change the font and the size from dropdown lists.  Change the font to "Webdings", change the size to whatever you want (18 works well for my purpose)

4.  type lower case a for the tick, lower case r for an X (or you could just type an X of course....). 



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