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Browser print buttons no longer work


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Since the patch ( to speed up operation with windows 10 no longer able to use the print button on browsers. Appears to go through the motions but never opens the SaveAs dialogue.

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I'm having a similar issue in that when I attempt to send a document to the printer, nothing happens.  The document appears in the printer spool for about 3-5 seconds, but the "Save As" box never opens.  However, some websites work and others do not.  The program worked fine up until the last month or so.  I've even reinstalled the operating system to no avail.  This is extremely frustrating, and I am about ready to abandon the product all together...

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I have the same problem on NitroPro 9. It was working fine, now anytime I try to print from a web browser, I get "The selected printer is not availabel or not installed correctly. Check your printer or try selecting another printer." Print using system dialog also does not work. The fixes suggested in the knowledge base http://kb.gonitro.com/knowledgebase#/search/webpage not printing pdf/000001933 to use Chrome (which I was using anyway) or Firefox, or to save as an HTML file and then convent using NitroPro, also do not work.  I shouldn't have to do these fixes anyway.  Product support is abominably non -existent. Cleverbridge only works on the sales and installation.  Any further queries referred to the knowledge base or forum website.  I thought it was because I had de-installed NitroPro 9 when I had my laptop screen driver repaired and re-installed it on the clean repaired laptop.  All other re-installed software works, but this printing capability has stopped working which makes NitroPro very UN-useful! Horrible to find out users of more recent versions have the same problem.

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