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Problems with Nitro Pro 11 update


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I have had a miserable experience with Nitro Pro 11 since last Jan when I upgraded from NP10--but just on my Surface Pro 4 laptop....the same product on my Sony Desktop works pretty smoothly.  Both computers are Win10.  The problem on Surface Pro 4 has only been with printing--and it's just that it would take almost a minute to switch from pdf to my HP printer, then another few minutes to choose my page range, then it would ultimately print my documents. 

I wrote to Nitro Pro to complain, but never got any responses.  But now this upgrade (which I only installed on the Surface Pro 4 laptop) has totally screwed up my system.  I can still easily create the pdf file, but almost all of my pdfs are in Landscape mode, but now the print page only shows about 3/4 of the document in the large preview page, and when I print, it always prints the document in portrait mode which does have the entire document, but I need it in landscape mode.---which was never a problem (except for the wait) on my older version.

I just upgraded the NP11 today and when this problem showed up, I uninstalled and re-installed NP11 AND the new update to NP11--but to no avail, the printing is still in portrait mode.

Since I did not change the NP11 on my Sony desktop, I am able to print out the documents in landscape mode even though they were created on my laptop...so, since nothing changed with my computers and or printer, it has to be something fouled up with this new upgrade.

Is this a known issue and what can I do to get back to where I was--i.e. being able to print a landscape pdf which I created, in landscape mode.

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