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Dynamic Custom Stamp Options: Firm Name and Date only


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Is it possible to create dynamic custom stamps that includes the firm name and the date but not the time?  We need to stamp incoming documents with Firm name and date but time info is a distraction.

From the create new stamp window, if "Include name, date and time" is selected, the name is the login name and date and time are both placed on the stamp.

In Preferences, the identity is grayed out/unchangeable.  If Organization field is populated, there is no way to use the data in the stamp.

After the stamp is placed on a document, using properties, the Author can be changed (each time the stamp is used) but there is still no way to include date but not include time.  

I am new to Nitro from Adobe and this feature (available in Adobe) is important to us.  Otherwise so far we really like the look and feel and functionality of Nitro Pro.  

Thanks!   Jim

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Maybe an easier Question would be where are Custom Stamps stored?  If Nitro is similar to Acrobat, they would be stored in the following folder:


For some reason, after I create a custom stamp, I cannot locate the custom stamp pdf.  My goal is to modify the stamp pdf to include dynamic data with javascript.


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Alex Edwardes

Hi @breezin , The customized stamps are located under: %appdata%\Nitro\Pro\11.0\Stamps

However, not each stamp will create a new file.
QuickSign signatures will be listed as Stamp_1.pdf, Stamp_2.pdf, Stamp_3.pdf, etc
Stamps with images will be added to the 'user_stamps.pdf', and those that are simply text are appended to 'user_stamps.cnf'.

Unfortunately Nitro currently does not support Javascript within Stamps. In addition, the only dynamic data is the 'name, date and time' option, which is currently non-modifiable. You can only have it included, or not. There is no way to select one or two of those three.

Sorry I was not able to provide the answer you were hoping for.

I recommend adding a feature request to the 'Product Improvement' section of our community forum.

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Whenever I turn a scanned page and insert a custom stamp, the stamp rotates to the current position of the sheet. This is not the case with generic stamps. How do I solve this problem? Or can I adjust the text of the generic stamps?

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