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Can't reinstall Nitro Pro 11


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My computer crashed after a Dell message to install an update (I think a BIOS update), and I lost all of my apps (Microsoft Office, Norton anti-virus, etc). I have been able to reinstall everything except my Nitro Pro 11. My last attempt was to enter my serial number at https://licenses.gonitro.com/prd/portal. I entered my serial number, clicked on find license. A report line showed license active, number of activations 0, and number of activations allowed 2. I clicked on 'deactivate' as instructed, and got this message: ""licenses.gonitro.com says  Sorry you may onlu deactovate 0 devices"

I don't know what to do.

Please help.

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  • Official Nitronaut

Hello @weelegs,

Thank you for posting on our Community Forums!

I checked your serial number and can see that the deactivation went through, but looks like it is not working properly on your end, so you keep getting the prompt to deactivate instead of activate.

Please use the tool I have provided below to remove all files associated with Nitro Pro and reboot your system.


NOTE: This clean-up tool will erase any existing signature files within Nitro, so please save them to another location before using the clean-up tool in order to keep them. Please see this link for backing up custom stamps/signatures: http://kb.gonitro.com/knowledgebase#/search/stamps/000001671

When your system is back up, close all of your open applications and install Nitro Pro from the page I have provided below:


After installation, you can activate by opening Nitro, click on the Help tab > About Nitro Pro > Activation and enter your serial number.

Please let me know how you go.

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Dear Leslie,

Thanks for helping. I've done everything as you suggest, but when I open 'About Nitro Pro' I have two choices: "Legal Notices' and 'Deactivate'. There is no 'Activation' button.

Please advise.


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