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Blueprints not printing correctly

Wade Mathews


Since the upgrade, I cannot print a blueprint to correct dimensions, i.e. 24" x 36".  If the original document is 24x36 and I try to print in portrait mode, it prints  36x36 and cuts part of the print off(doesn't print all of it).  If I do it in landscape mode, it will print the entire thing but again in 36x36 with a one foot x 3 foot blank section on one side.  A tremendous waste of paper.  I had no problem before the upgrade with printing even 36x48 and this is b.s.  I haven't tried to print one that size.  I've wasted a lot of paper and ink going through different settings trying to get one correct print.  Can't do it.



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Alex Edwardes

Hi @Wade Mathews,

I recommend adjusting the 'Page Scaling' settings to shrink / expand to the paper size, then manually adjusting paper size via the Printer Properties.

I have followed up in the support ticket you have open.

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