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Autobuild bookmarks not working after Pro11 update


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Does anyone have any ideas why the autobuild bookmark option has failed to work since the update or has any work arounds? 

The levels set pre update no longer generate any bookmarks; working from level 1 / Use the pointer to select and a line appears either above or below the text, no text selected; use Home/Select text then Refresh and the font name shows a string of text + font style e.g. ZWPDGD+Arial, still no bookmarks; then use dropdown to select the bold option e.g. UWHYYP+Arial,Bold and bookmarks now auto-generate. But this has to be done for every newly generated pdf as the string changes.

All the files are produced from the same word template, I only need to bookmark 3 heading styles as the docs can be large.

Manually adding bookmarks still works.

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