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Selecting Text to Highlight


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I am having trouble selecting text, for example, to highlight.

For some reason, sometimes I am not able to put the cursor on the left end of a line of text, then follow it along to the right then down to select the text as desired.

Instead, the cursor creates a rectangular outline and selects generally the text that is in the rectangular outline.

Here is a screenshot of an example of text selected from the rectangular outline:

https://www.dropbox.com/s/r49f2zqg4h643r6/text selection.jpg?dl=0

Is anyone else having this issue?

Have you figured out what is causing it and how to fix it?

Thanks!   Jim

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I'll answer my own question!  The cursor changes shape when it is near a character.  If there is no outline showing around the cursor when the cursor is near some text, then it will highlight the row as the cursor is dragged along the line and down the page.  If that is in the help info, I missed it!

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