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      License Activation Portal   12/21/2017

      UPDATE: We are happy to announce that we have published a License Activation Portal on our GoNitro Support page: www.gonitro.com/support Please use this tool for activation issues, such as Error -23, before logging a Support Ticket or posting on the Community Forum.  Please be aware that this License Portal is to be used only by our Online/single users, not by our Business/Enterprise customers.

Cannot install Nitro legal copy after windows10 upgrade

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Dear Members

I changed my laptop and  at Nitro website no provision to take back my legal copy?

How stupid, Is not it?

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Hi Laura,

Thanks for the reply and I even got a reply from your "HELP PERSON"  but problem stays??

I clicked the shortcut and setup file downloaded but when I clicked the file it opens windows App page and suggests that I must download from App Store!
When I go to App store, all Apps are there except Nitro?????
I do not know why there is no professional at Nitro to guide customers in right way???
I paid some QAR 650, even more, and here I am struggling all time to get my legal copy of Nitro????
I am regretting why I did not opt fr Adobe when I chose Nitro???
Big mistake of my life??
Please tell me how long, you will keep me in trouble till I get a right person at Nitro to tell me right thing in a right way???


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Hello @Yousaf,

Thank you for your response and I apologize for the inconvenience.

I already responded to the support ticket you submitted.


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