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Nitro Pro 11 erases field content


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I recently had to fill in a California Statement of Economic Interest Form.  This PDF is provided by the state.

The first section includes several text fields--no problem there.  The section section has a series of check boxes wherein you choose your jurisdiction and follow it with a short description.

When I clicked the appropriate box, Nitro Pro cleared all the text boxes in section one and, to add insult to injury, didn't register the click as a check mark.  In fact, the form has many check boxes and every single one of them clears the page.

I opened the form in Acrobat Reader and was able to fill in the form with no issues.  The only way to fill in this form in Nitro Pro is to enter the text, print it out, and check the boxes with a pen.

I checked the provenance of the original form and it was built in InDesign CS5 using Adobe PDF Library 9.9.  I would have attached the PDF, but can't find a way to do so.  This form is available on-line from the state of California.

Has anyone else had this issue?  Is this a bizarre setting of some kind, or is this a defect in Nitro Pro 11?

Thanks, Kim

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Steven Zakulec

It's likely you've run into an AcroForms/LiveCycle/Dynamic XFA issue.  You're probably not doing anything wrong here.  There's no fix right now for this.

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Thanks Steven.  I appreciate the observation, even if there's no fix.  I can use Adobe Reader if I bump up against it again, though I was hoping to banish Adobe altogether.

Best, Kim

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