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can't reinstall error -20


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I purchased nitro pro 11 in December 2017.  All was fine.  Unfortunately, my computer had a problem, and the operating system (Windows 10) had to be reinstalled, setting my PC back to delivery condition.  I downloaded nitro pro 11 software again.  Clicking on help showed no serial number, but gave me an option to deactivate and then reactivate my license.  When I entered the serial number, I received an error message (error -20  invalid license number), so couldn't deactivate.  I spoke with a Cleverbridge representative who tried to deactivate, but was unsuccessful.  She confirmed that I had the correct serial number.


1) I'd like to be able to reactivate my license.

2) I'd like to get the promotional rate for Nitro Pro 12.



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I have nitro pro 11 working fine on another PC associated with the email address of my account.  My problem is with a second PC where a separate nitro pro 11 license isn't working.

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Alex Edwardes

Hi @dogarvett,

Error 20 indicates that the serial number that was input does not match any in our system. This is usually the case when a typo is made.
I will resend your original invoice with your serial on it so that you can try activating Pro 11 again.
You can download the latest build of Pro 11 here: https://www.gonitro.com/product/downloads

Regarding Pro 12, I can see that you have successfully completed the purchase.

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