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Nitro PDF Pro 10 not opening up


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Hi there

I was using Nitro PDF fine this morning, but now it wont open up. I click on the desktop icon and it wont open, i click on a PDF and it wont open.

It shows in task manager as open and if i hover over the task bar icon it will show a thumbnail preview of the PDF.

I can still view PDF attachments in emails but that is it. Thanks in advance for assistance


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Alex Edwardes

Hi @Rob85,

From your description, it sounds as though the window is appearing off-screen.
I recommend using the Windows 'Snap' feature to move it back into view.
Click on Nitro in the taskbar, then whilst holding the Windows key down,  press the left (or right) arrow a few times.
The window should 'snap' to different sections of your monitor.

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I have Nitro Pro 11 and it opens in the taskbar but will not expand to open on the monitor I tried the above 'Snap' Feature and it didn't do anything.  Any other ideas?


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Figured it out - by holding the shift key and right-clicking the Nitro icon on the task bar and then choosing maximize.  This enabled me to Relocate off-screen window back to my desktop.

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