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Fillable Fields come back empty

Susan H

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Have put together a pdf form that has fillable fields for typing in and radio button.  All work correctly.  I have been doing tests  - sending out from Outlook to a Gmail address.  When it arrives in the Gmail email it opens with a double click but it does not let you type in the fillable fields unless you open it in another window or download it first.  After completing the form I save it to the desktop, hit reply to the Outlook email  that it arrived in, attached the saved desktop form and send it back to Outlook.  When I open it in Outlook all the information that was typed in or checks in radio button is blank. Nitro program is only on the Outlook computer.  I even tried opening the Gmail on a laptop and I got the same result. Person who receive the Outlook email will probably have Adobe to open the pdf.



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