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Hyperlink in MS Word 2016 is Not Created in Nitro Pro 11 pdf Document


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I need to add a hyperlink to a webpage from a pdf document.  I have now tried 2 different ways and submitted a request to premium support with no joy.  The web page includes a form so the hyperlink includes some form data, formatted correctly.

1. The first way was to edit the pdf in Nitro Pro by selecting text, then adding the hyperlink to the desired web page.  This generated an error presumably because the hyperlink includes form values, although the hyperlink is properly formatted and opens fine if copied and pasted into a browser.  So far I have not received any reply to my detailed request from Nitro premium support :(

2. I decided maybe if I add the link to a MS Word 2016 document, then print to Nitro Pro print driver, the hyperlink would be created in the pdf.  That did not create the hyperlink either. :(

Has anyone been able to solve this?

Here is an example of the hyperlink that results in the error in Nitro Pro and that will not be created as per 2 above:


Thanks for any constructive replies!


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