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Preventing previous tabs from opening

Wolf Steel

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General usage question - I can't seem to find the answer....

User has numerous tabs open and then closes Nitro Pro without individually.  How do we prevent Nitro from reopening any previous tabs that were not closed on exit or force them closed at exit?


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Steven Zakulec

Couple of things you can try here:

You could turn off AutoRecovery- it's possible you're somehow tripping the AutoRecovery feature, and that's reloading all of the PDFs each time.

There's a couple of registry keys here you could look at:

If filing a support request is an option, you could do that.

If any of this works, please tell me.


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Looks like thats the answer.  It seems to have worked for this user.  The Customer Solutions team opens tons of PDF manuals through the day.  None of them properly close the tabs individually.  This does the trick.  Thanks for the info.

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