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Tami DuBose

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Tami DuBose

I'm having issues with the laptop on which my Nitro Pro 11 is installed. The tech turn around time is 4 DAYS!

I'm on a 10 yr/old Toshiba. I need to edit documents. NEED is the key word, not want.

This 10 y/o Toshiba does not support .docx, so converting a doc is not an option for editing.

Yes, I spent the last hour looking for a way to use Nitro Cloud which is linked to the email associated with the original free Nitro account. 

I have a random email in ANOTHER GMAIL account that Nitro Pro is linked to my Google Drive.

Is there a way to edit text in the cloud?

Thank you - Tami

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Alex Edwardes

Hi @Tami, Using Nitro Cloud you can Sign, Share, Combine, Optimize, Convert and Annotate your PDFs, however editing the text contained in them is not currently an available function.

You could download Nitro Pro 11 and use the 14 day trial.
This provides unrestricted access to all the functions in Nitro Pro.

You can download it from here: https://www.gonitro.com/product/downloads

Should you decide you like the product, you can activate it with a serial purchased from our website: https://www.gonitro.com

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Tami DuBose

Thank you. I tried that last night on 2 OLD computers. Evidently, they are really old, but functional enough for me to post here.

Sadly, they won't execute the Nitro 11 download. SURPRISE, I was able to go to Nitro Pro 9 & it did the job.

I appreciate the speedy reply & the great product. Say a little prayer for my 'modern' laptop to be well soon.


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