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Auto adding Form Fields


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If I have a form that I would like to add Text fields to I understand how to click and drag or to double click and it will add a standard size field that I can then move and modify.  I would like to know if there is away to auto fill the form with fields?  So if the form that has boxes on it will Nitro seek them out and add text fields and auto size them to fit the boxes?

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I have the same question.  I have a form with 165 questions, and 3 columns for each question, so making 495 text boxes sounds daunting.  In fact, there are 2 separate forms I have to modify, so the number is approaching 1000.

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Alex Edwardes

Hi @tom.taylor and @Pied,

Nitro does not have an auto form builder, however, we do have tools that can greatly assist when building out large forms.

After creating a Text Field, you may notice that two new tabs appear under the new 'Form Tools' category.
I highly recommend browsing through all of the tools that appear here.

I specifically recommend the 'Make Copies' function and all the Alignment tools (see the screenshot below).
After you have set up a field the way you want it, you can use the Make Copies function to replicate the field, using the same properties.
The function will also correctly name these new fields, so there are no conflicts with the field names.

The Alignment tools can be used to ensure the uniformity of the size and spacing of your fields.

For further assistance, I recommend reading through the Forms section of the User Guide: http://guide.gonitro.com/categories/forms/


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