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Printing to PDF from Excel


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Good morning,

I have just upgraded from Nitro Pro 9 to 11. 

Previously, when working from an excel spreadsheet, I was able to to print to Nitro Pro Creator and and it would create a single PDF document. Now when i repeat this on 11 it saves each page as an individual PDF. Is there a quick setting change, so I can carry on with my old process. 

Thanks in advance for your assistance. 


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Kelvin B. Villarin

Hi @Matthew,

Thanks for posting on our Community Forums!

Kindly try these steps:

1. Open the spreadsheet using MS Excel and select the sheets/pages you want to create a PDF from using the "Ctrl + Left-Click" option to select multiple tabs at one time.
2. Open the Nitro Pro Add-In in Excel and in the "Excel Settings" group, select "Include: Active Sheets". Once you have made your selections, press the "Create PDF" button and follow the steps until the new PDF is generated.

** Please note, it may ask you to save the file before converting to PDF.


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Hi Kevin,

Thank you for your help. However, the problem is more to do with a single work book (just one tab) but multiple pages. When I print it to PDF Creator it will save 50+ single page PDF documents instead of 1 50+ page PDF document. 

It was such a simple process on Nitro 9. I'm not sure why they have changed it. 

Thanks again,



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