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Printing scanned docuements in Nitro 11 goes wrong


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Hi fellow Nitro users, Nitro support team, 

After upgrading to Nitro 11 (from 10) we are experiencing a lot of issues with printing. One of this issues is when printing a PDF on our Canon Multi functional printers. The document printed is a scanned PDF. What happens is that parts of the text are not printed at all. Also, letters like the "e", "d", "b", "o" etc are filled in with blacks. See the attachment for an example. Printing with an older version of Nitro 11( or even Nitro 10 is no problem, print is fine. The problem with the 11.0.5 version of Nitro is that we cannot open PDF's from the user his/her homedrive so installing this update is no solution....  We are in production with version but also with the latest it goes wrong. Tested on a stand alone Windows 7 x64 machine as well on a Win7 x64 VDI. We are using the enterprise version of Nitro.... Anyone recognizing this issue? 


Problem 2 with Nitro 11 (even the most recent version) is the printing in landscape/portait mode issue. This has been addressed on this support forum as well I noticed. Setting the checkbox marker for paper size "fixed" it but is no real solution in my opinion.

I'm (we) are really disappointed with Nitro 11 with respect to all these issues and no fixes... Please help!   

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  • Official Nitronaut

Hello @Gerard123,

Thank you for posting on our Community Forums!
I have responded to the ticket that you opened. I'll be in touch through that ticket.


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