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When Launching Nitro Pro 11 Unknown Error #:~80


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I have two new Windows Server 2016 servers being setup to host Remote Desktop Sessions and both servers are getting the same error for Nitro 10 and 11. Both server instances are less than a week old and are fully patched. Nitro installer didn't complain about anything but on the first start it throws this error and closes. I tried running as administrator and changing the compatibility settings to Windows 8 and Windows 7 and get the same behavior. No errors are thrown in event log and there doesn't seem to be any logs in program files/nitro. We have over 30 licenses so I tried emailing support over 24 hours ago but no reply except auto-generated response, any help would be greatly appreciated. Below is a screen shot of the error.

Screenshot of Unknown Error #:~80






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Mario Kevesic

Hi Brian,

I see you also submitted a support ticket. One of our Support Reps will get in touch with you via that ticket. 

Thanks for your patience. 


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