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Combining PDFs Gives me Ads


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I have a licensed copy of Nitro Pro. My employer maintains the license. I have no option to activate it and believe it is already activated. I can convert files to PDF, no problem. However, if I combine files, all I get is a 3 page document. The first page has a link to get adobe. The next two pages have some graphics and "This PDF Portfolio was created with Nitro. for optimal viewing, open using Nitro Pro. PDF greatness awaits."

I'm using Nitro Pro, at least that's what the tab across the top of the application says. I've been fighting with this for hours and am getting really frustrated. Any assistance would be appreciated.

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Steven Zakulec

This is part of the PDF Portfolio feature- a cover sheet is attached.

If you just want one PDF that contains all 3 of the PDFs one after another, use the regular Combine feature.

In File Explorer, you can select the files you want to be combined, right click on them, choose Combine files with Nitro Pro, and then Nitro will pop up the Combine files window to let you set the order of the files, and some other settings.

This mode does not add any extra pages to the files, unlike the Portfolio mode.

If this isn't what you wanted, let me know (or if you really did want to use Portfolio mode, let me know).

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