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Deactivation Certificate


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How do I get a new Deactivation Certificate? I was in the middle of transferring, when my hard drive stopped working.

I was not able to move it to another computer.


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Kelvin B. Villarin

Hi @ECM,

Thanks for posting on our Community Forums!

You'll need an Activation Certificate to be able to do manual activation. Here is the link for the Manual Activation Web Page where you can get the Activation Certificate: https://www.internetactivation.com/ECOSYSTEM/ActivationServer/tiactivate/default.aspx 

The complete steps on how to transfer license manually can be found here: http://kb.gonitro.com/knowledgebase#/search/manual/000001643

You may also activate using the standard method by opening Nitro. Go to Help >> About Nitro Pro >> Activate >> Yes >> Enter your serial number >> Click Activate

I hope this helps.


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Let me start from the beginning. I was in the process of uninstalling nitro from my old computer. I was able to deactivate the license, while I was doing this my computer crashed and I wasn't able to start it back up. I was not able to get the deactivation certificate. I got on my new computer and installed Nitro. I went to "Activating Nitro Pro" it shows number of activations "0". I open up Nitro clicked on "Help" then "about Nitro Pro" click activation, entered the serial number clicked Activate. I received an error code -23: License number already used. What is the next step for me to get this resolved? Do you need my serial number?

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