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Nitro pro 11 on win 10 crashing and working only as a reader


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Hello, my Nitro Pro 11 which was installed about a month ago on a new computer with windows 10 is not reacting to most of the commands. it opens the pdf documents and allow me to read/rotate  but when i try to use any of the functions related to editing/exporting/signing   it is not reacting  or crashing.

any one can help?

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Hello Alex, 

the Nitro is activated, doesn't say trial. i have purchased it late march 2018 however it doesn't have the latest build it shows even though the latest build was out before i purchased the Nitro Pro.  it also for some reason show windows 8 even though my computer is running windows 10.  see below from support tools:

Product:   Nitro Pro ( x64
License Status:  ( Intentionally Deleted by me
Logging:  Disabled
Printer:  ok
Printer Service:  ok
Operating System:  Windows 8 Personal 6.2  9200
Architecture:  64-bit
can i uninstall and reinstall?  or will i be able to just  update the build?
can i change anything to show the operating system and Windows 10.
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Alex Edwardes

Hi @amke,

The operating system tag won't matter.
Was this computer upgraded from 8 to 10?

I recommend that you update (via the link I previously provided).
Simply install Nitro over the top of your current installation.

After that, it would be worth running a 'repair' to ensure the installation is sound.
Repair Nitro via Start > System > Apps & features > Nitro > Repair

If that doesn't help, we will need to perform some 'problem isolation'.
Please open a brand new file in Nitro (File > New). Are all the editing functions available?
If so, please open the file you were having trouble with, are the editing functions available?
If not, please check that the file is not locked for editing / secured, via File > Document Properties > Security.
I also recommend checking other files.

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thank you Alex, looks like all working well after downloading latest build!

this computer is new and was purchased with win 10, anyway to change it to 10 in Nitro?

i tryied to do the repair but the option i have when i go to Nitro are only modify or uninstall, how do i do the repair?


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