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Sending a pdf to the default client via share

Paul H. Borisoff

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Paul H. Borisoff

1.  Does NitroPDF require MAPI to send its document to the default client?  Win 10 (1803) no longer lists MAPI as a protocol in the default manager.

So my question is whether NitroPro provides software to send  a file to the default client i.e. EmClient or if it depends on MAPI provided by Outlook

to work?

2.  a small white dialog box, some kind of sub menu is appearing in the right corner.  Sometimes!  The box is entitled   ... Win Commands. and has

the options share, print and settings.  Clicking on Settings opens a 4inch panel on the right entitled Settings  but it is blank.  Clicking Print and Share

does nothing.  This dialog is provided by the new windows update 1803, seems to do nothing, but NitroPDF, among other programs seems to randomly

trigger this anomaly.   See pic...


The Microsoft Answer Desk hasn't a clue about either of these issues.

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