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Problem with rotated pages/markup text


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I have an issue with converting TIF images to PDF.   If I open Nitro Pro and use the combine files feature and add TIF images into my PDF document the images will convert and will be turned upside down in the document.  I can rotate them.  However, if I copy/paste markup text and/or symbols into the images, the markup text/symbols are displayed upside down.   If I convert the TIF to an individual PDF file before I insert it into a PDF document, the image is right side up.   However, I still have the problem of copy/pasting markup text and symbols, which still paste into the document upside down.

I do a lot of copy/pasting of text and symbols from a separate PDF template file due to reusing the same items over and over again.  However, I need to be able to edit the text in the items that I paste, so using the stamp feature in the main PDF file would not be feasible.

Any suggestions on how I can remedy this issue?

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