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Text Box Features


Rockies Hiker

I'd like to see Nitro PDF offer the ability to select rounded corner option for text boxes. Also the ability to have multiple fonts, size, colors, and alignment within the same text box. I can't seem to be able to add an attachment example to this post from a Mac PDF creator/editor that does this.  I am also hopeful that some day Nitro PDF Pro will be available for Mac.

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Laura L.

HI @Rockies Hiker,

Thanks for using the Community Forum to share your ideas on how to improve Nitro Pro. We love to hear your ideas and regularly share the content from this Forum with our PRoduct Team. 

You should be able to add an attachment to your post either by drag and drop or by clicking the 'choose files..' option (you should see this at the bottom of the box when typing). 


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