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Error "Nitro Pro Add-In - Invalid file content."

Sue T

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Context: I recently purchased Nitro Pro 11 so that I could use the "Create PDF" function to convert a Microsoft Word 2007 document to a PDF file whose Table of Content links are clickable. Although my Word document is very large and uses advanced Microsoft styling (auto-generated table of contents, cross-references, and more), every PDF print driver that I have tried (Primo PDF, Do PDF, Bullzip, Cute PDF, and more) can read and print DOCX->PDF, but of course, lack the features that Nitro Pro provides and that I need.

Problem: With Nitro Pro 11, however,  I receive this error: "Nitro Pro Add-In - Invalid file content" (after the spooling stage has ended and after a long wait).

I have created a small test document that demonstrates that Nitro Pro can process a table of contents generated by Microsoft Word 2007, so I know that I am using Nitro Pro properly. 

Request: Under what circumstances would Nitro give this error message? Knowing that will help me to experiment with finding the problem. (My document is proprietary and cannot be shared at this time.)

Thank you for your help.

Regards, Sue


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