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New 23 error after unsucceeded reinstall

Ruud van der Veer

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Ruud van der Veer

Today I had to reinstall Windows 10 on machine 1. Before I deactivated Nitro Pro 11 license 234600-xxxxxx-xxx487 for that machine. After install W10 I could not install Nitro again. Problem the same as described here:

I followed the steps given by Support in that topic.

After using the msi-installer Nitro was installed succesfully, but the activation not; it ended up with the well known 23 error. It looks like that the cleanup tool or de msi-installer corrupted the licence and activation.

Why do I think that? Because the license portal reported that there are 0 activations. That's not true because at machine 2 I have an activated Nitro 11 with the same license. On machine 2 I can not deactivate because the license portal reports that the license does not exist.

After uninstalling Nitro on M1 and the use of the clean up tool I could install Nitro again with tne .EXE installer. But trying to activate the result was a 23 error again. So, I'm in a loop right now.


A) M1 I can't activate the given license because of 23 error

B) M2 I can't deactivate the same given license, because it does not exist

C) License portel reports there are 0 of 2 activation in use

Thanks in advance for your help,


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Alex Edwardes

Hi @ruchri, There was a conflict with one of the old machines still associated with the serial.

I have released the conflict so you can activate again.

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Ruud van der Veer

Hi Alex,

Thank you! I confirm that I can activate and deactivate the license on BOTH machines;, I repeated it everal times.

There remains only this: The license portal is still counting 1 activation instead of 2; that means if I deactivate on one machine (makes no sense which of the two), the other cannot be deactivated because the license portal answers that the license is unknow or does not exists. Conclusion: One (de)activation counts for TWO.

Greetings from Ruud


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