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File, Open, Computer, Recent STILL broken


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I have searched and am unable to find any reference to this most basic functionality not working.  I have had this problem for years, which is why I'm shocked I can't find anything written about it.  I think it was introduced with Release 10 and is so basic it should have been fixed in Release 10.0.1.    In short, when I choose File, Open, Computer, and then Browse..., I expect to see the most recent folder that was used.  This is not what happens most of the time in Nitro Pro.

When I want to open a file, I choose File, then Open (you don't actually have to click Open, it's the default), then Computer.  This presents you with a list of Recent Folders.  Choosing any folder from the list should display that folder in the File Open dialog but it doesn't work and never has since V10.  I think the logic is that it takes you to the last folder opened if you go all the way to the File Open dialog and picked the file from there.  Other file open methods, such as choosing a file from the Recent File list or opening from Windows Explorer don't work as expected.

As an example, chose File, Open, and choose a file from the Recent Documents list.  This file is now listed as the most recent file at the top of the Recent Documents list and the folder containing this file is listed at the top of the Recent Folder list, so populating those lists works correctly.  But if I then go to open another file via the Recent Folder method (i.e., File, Open, Computer, pick a folder from the Recent Folder list) and choose any other folder from the list or choose Browse, instead of the File Open dialog displaying the most recent folder, instead it shows the folder from where I last explicitly chose the file from the File Open dialog.  It should display the folder of the file I just opened before from the Recent File list (i.e., the top folder in the Recent Folder list).  Opening a pdf file from Windows Explorer causes the same result as using the recent file list.  The folder of the file opened from Windows Explorer is listed at the top of the Recent Folders list but that folder isn't the one displayed in subsequent File Open commands.

Unfortunately, I believe the File, Save As command has similarly flawed logic, which makes me think someone thought this was a good design.

I can't think of a reason for this behavior, it hope it's a bug but it could just be bad design but I don't understand why there are no other reports of it.  I have a complex file structure and use Windows Explorer to open most of my files, so this creates significant amounts of extra workload having to navigate sometimes through a dozen or more levels up and down my file tree to get to the folder that should have been the default.

Running Nitro Pro V11.0.7.425 on Windows 7, 64-bit, in Windows 7 compatibility mode to mask another two year old flaw with no solution (V10 freezing).


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Steven Zakulec

It's unlikely this is the issue, but do make sure File, Preferences, General, "Always use last locations in Open and Save As dialogues" is unchecked.

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Thanks for the suggestion but I have tried it with that setting both checked and unchecked and it makes no difference, same result.  I'm confused by this setting though.  Shouldn't checking the box make it work as I am hoping, where the most recent folder is displayed?  If I uncheck it, then what folder is supposed to be displayed in the Open and Save As dialogs?

Are you able to replicate what I am describing?


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CORRECTION: I can't explain why but I have noticed now that with the FIle, Preferences, General, Default Locations check box UNCHECKED, the folder selection now works as expected.  That is to say, when I select a folder from the File, Open, Recent Folders list, the folder I chose is displayed.  Maybe I needed to reboot my computer for it to take effect or something.

If I check (select) the default locations box, then when I go to File, Open, Recent Folders, choosing a recent folder doesn't work, it always opens the "last" folder from which a file was opened.  I could understand how changing this setting would affect the File, Open, Browse function but I don't understand why anyone would want to completely disable their ability to choose a recent folder from the list of recent folders.  I assume this isn't what is intended but at least the issue that bothered me most seems to be corrected.

Thanks again Steven for the suggestion, not sure why it ended up working but happy it did.


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