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Multiple systems, lots of errors -23 after windows update

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CCSFN Research


We have purchased in December 2017 licenses for our systems (1 license for 11 systems) and after updating to Windows 10 1803 Spring Creators Update ALL of them are now showing the error 23... and now i have to re-start the support ticket circus all over again, to reset the license for EACH and every system that needs to be re-activated, because the windows edition upgrade has reset our Nitro activations.

Most of the systems are used by people that are often deployed at sea and i can only make them usable when they come to shore.. that means support tickets have a 3..4 WEEKS turnaround time, since i can only service those systems once or twice a month.

Having such constant errors from Nitro and having to open a support ticket for each and every activation is frankly, appalling... can something be done to avoid this annoying chase-the-support-ticket wait queue for EVERY activation?

I have read on these forums about the upcoming v12 that's being released (this week? next week?) but we didn't buy Software Assurance in December... and i didn't hear anything about is what is going to happen to existing customers of v11.. will they be just abandoned?


ALL of our systems are generating a 0000000000000 computer id... and i'm using the most recent version available as of now,

For NetBIOS: as i already said (in the ticket 00160291 from February, and ticket 00167966, and ticket 00168200, and ticket 00168737), these computers already have NetBIOS enabled, after i finish setting up the programs on them i join them to an Active Directory environment with a Domain Controller - they need NetBIOS for that so i don't even disable it when setting up the OS. (it comes enabled by default).

What these computers don't have is a Hard Disk or a traditional legacy BIOS. They only have a Solid State Drive for storage and they boot in UEFI Secure Boot mode, with Intel Software Guard Extensions (SGX) enforced directly from the UEFI BIOS. SGX allows the operating system to enforce additional privilege separation between apps, even if they run elevated with administrative rights.

These things combined might be the reason that your program is generating a 0000000000000 computer ID. Either because the system has no HDD to use its serial number as the source for forming the ID or because Secure Boot and Intel SGX prevent whatever your program is trying to do when generating that.


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Hi @CCSFN Research,

Thanks for using the Community Forum to reach out to us. First off, I'm sorry to hear about the activation issues you're experiencing. 

I have released the ID so that the next activation should be possible. Unfortunately the error will continue if all machines are showing the Computer ID as all 0s so we will need to manually release it after each activation. What we can offer is to schedule a call with you so that we can then release the ID straight after you have activated a license. 

We are still investigating the issue so thank you for providing some more details on your system so I can forward this onto our Product Team.


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